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Glennaire Construction, Inc. is the revived name of Glennaire Construction and Supply.  Glennaire Construction and Supply was the name that Glen Turner started in the late 50's for his residential construction company.  During the course of his career in construction he built over 60 homes in Mena and the surrounding area.  In the spring of 1971 he bought the Morrow Lumber Company which was located on Port Arthur and renamed it Glennaire Construction and Supply.  The full service building material was in operation until June 1981 when Glen decided to take an early retirement and James Earl decided to move on to other things.

James Earl was involved in the construction business from an early age when Glen, his dad, would have him picking up trash on the work site.  James Earl pretty much ran the construction end in the early 70's completing the last three homes that Glennaire built at that time.  He worked in the building material business full time until 1977 when he started building houses again for the company.  He finished using the residential lots in the Glennaire Subdivision about the time that the retail business was closed.

After taking a couple of years to catch his breath James Earl became involved in commercial construction, working on the Limetree Inn and Restaurant buildings in 1983.  In 1984 he went to work as a construction superintendent for James H. Cone Construction company located in Little Rock.  The first project he did for the company was the Northside Church of Christ located on Hwy 71 North in Mena.  He continued with James H. Cone until 1988 when he took a break and built a spec house in Bryant Arkansas.  This gave his two sons, Eric and Lucas, a chance at a young age to be around the business.  James Earl went back to James H. Cone during the winter to help complete a nursing home that they had under construction with problems but built another spec house the following year.  In the fall of 1989 he went back to work for Cone full time again and stayed until the fall of 1992 when he moved over to Thomas Harding Construction company which later merged with Bob East Construction to form East-Harding Construction.

During his years working for these general contractors as a superintendent he worked on numerous churches, hospitals, banks, lease spaces, high end houses, and Southwestern Bell Telephone, now AT&T, projects.

Eric grew up around construction as well.  He and his brother Lucas worked with James as young children helping do what they could on two spec houses in Bryant, AR.  When he turned 16 he began working during the summer and holidays with James on the commercial construction jobs.  By the time he was 18 he was working full time with his dad for East-Harding Construction.  He learned concrete, door hardware, and various other types of commercial work.  While working for a dirt contractor he learned to run heavy equipment such as bull dozers and track hoes.  He went to work for Mena Steel Buildings, Inc. when he returned home to Mena and worked up to being the company concrete foreman.  He also did dirt work, wood framing, installed doors and hardware among other things.

Now, Glennaire Construction, Inc is back as your quality builder.

Glennaire can take care of any of your residential construction needs give us a call or send an e-mail.


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